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Health care can be confusing — but you aren't alone in the process. With the My Healthpath Wellness and Reward Program, you can get the help you need and stay healthy. You'll also earn rewards, like gift cards, for the healthy choices you make.

It's easy to get started.

Choose one of these three easy options to sign up.

  • Log in through the online member portal.
  • Opt in via our mobile app. If prompted, enter key code: myhealthpath
  • If you don't have a computer or smartphone you can mail in the postcard attached to your 2017 My Healthpath welcome brochure. Watch your mailbox for it.*

Here’s how you earn points through My Healthpath.

For every point you earn, you will get $1 toward a gift card of your choice. You can start earning points today.

  • First, sign up for the program (You can use any of the options above).
  • Complete your 2017 Annual Wellness Exam before October 1, 2017 to earn 10 bonus points for a total of 25 points. NOTE: Your Annual Wellness Exam must be complete before you can earn additional wellness points.
  • Watch the mail for your wellness scorecard – it will list the preventive screenings you need and explain how they help you earn points.**
  • Schedule and complete the screenings you need. After your claims are processed, we’ll let you know how many points you’ve earned and how to redeem for gift cards. Points can be redeemed upon notification or can be accumulated for a future redemption.

Online tools you can use.

Sign up online or through our mobile app to get a custom dashboard explaining which preventive screenings you need – and how many points you can earn for them. You’ll also be able to manage your points and select from a variety of gift cards.

If you want to track your numbers (like your weight or blood pressure) or sync a health and fitness device, you can do that via your dashboard.

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Step 1: See Your Primary Care Doctor

As you age, it is important to see your primary care physician regularly. Your annual wellness exam is FREE of copay*** and gives your doctor the chance to do some important screenings that you need to stay healthy and catch chronic conditions before they get worse.

See Your Primary Care Doctor

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Step 2: Get Your Screenings

Once you’ve had your wellness exam, your doctor may refer you to a specialist or other provider for potentially life-saving screenings, FREE of copay.***

Get Your Screenings

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Step 3: Manage Your Conditions

If by chance you have, or are diagnosed with, a chronic condition, we’ll send you some information to help you in your daily journey. You’ll get information that is specific to your needs and challenges.

Manage Your Conditions

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Step 4: Keep Control of Your Medications

If you take one or multiple routine medications, it is important to take as directed by your doctor or pharmacist, keep a list of all your medications and to be informed when you are prescribed a new medication.

Keep Control of Your Medications


We Are Your Partner in Health

  • What is My HealthPath

    What is My HealthPath


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    We are Concierge


    We are Doctors, Nurses and Pharmacists

    We are Doctors, Nurses and Pharmacists


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    *Mail opt-in members will receive a default pre-paid Mastercard for points earned; i.e., 25 points earned for Annual Wellness Exam = $25 Mastercard will be mailed.

    **Only members that need certain preventive screenings will receive a wellness scorecard.

    ***In-network annual wellness and identified preventive screenings are free of copay. If additional services are provided, a copay may apply.

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    Did You Know?

    Member Service can schedule appointments for you.
    A colonoscopy isn't the only screening for colon cancer.
    You can get 90 days of diabetic supplies.
    We'll send you a home test kit if you can't make it to the doctor.
    We'll pay you to get certain screenings.

    My Healthpath FAQ’s

    Here’s everything you need to know about 2017 Member Wellness Incentives and how to earn gift cards.

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