My HealthPath® Member FAQs 

Want to know more about the My HealthPath Wellness and Rewards program? Take a look at these common questions about it. If we don’t answer your question here, give us a call. We’re happy to help you.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy – and you can earn 20 points for choosing the online option or by signing up through AlwaysOn® Wellness. Here’s how to sign up:

You can also return the Business Reply Card with your My HealthPath introduction letter or call us, but you won’t get the 20 points you could have earned through signing up online.

How do I start earning gift cards?

For every point you earn, you’ll get $1 toward a gift card. You can start earning points today when you sign up for My HealthPath.

Why do I need an Annual Wellness Visit?

Your Annual Wellness Visit helps your Primary Care Provider (PCP) catch possible problems earlier – when they’re easier to treat. It’s an important part of keeping you healthy, so your plan includes the visit for a $0 copay.

Are all members eligible to earn wellness points?

Yes. All members can earn wellness points, but your eligible points may be different from someone else’s points.

What additional screenings and exams can earn wellness points?

We have several screenings that are eligible for wellness points this year – and the ones you’re eligible for may be different than your spouse or your friends.

How do I know what screenings I need?

Your PCP can help you decide which screenings you need. We’ll also send you a personalized wellness report that explains which screenings are due this year – and which rewards you’re eligible to earn. If you have questions about it, please give us a call. We’re right here to help.

How long before I am awarded wellness points after I complete the screening(s)?

You'll earn your wellness points after we process your claim for the screening(s) or test(s).

Can I choose what kind of gift card I receive?

You can choose from one of four cards when you sign up online or on our app. They are:

  • Target®
  • Amazon®
  • Belk®
  • Mastercard®

If you opt in to the program by sending the Business Reply Card back to us or by calling us, we’ll send you a prepaid MasterCard - you won’t have the option to choose your gift card. The MasterCard comes with a list of where it can be used. You won’t be able to use your gift card at gas stations and some retail stores.

Are there other benefits of signing up for My HealthPath®?

Absolutely. You’ll find helpful health courses, tools to track your fitness progress and more on the online portal. Sign up today and explore it!

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