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Keeping Your Information Safe

We’re here to help you – and that includes giving you the tools you need to keep your personal information safe. We’ve pulled these tips together to help you protect yourself from fraud over the phone or online.

Telemarketing Fraud

Many legitimate businesses use telemarketing, but criminals can also use live or recorded calls to try to steal your identity. Medicare won’t call to ask for your bank account, Social Security, Medicare or health plan numbers. Also, Medicare doesn’t allow other health plans to call you without your permission.

Here’s how to protect yourself from telemarketing scams:

Never give your personal information to someone you don’t know.

Hang up on recorded messages. Don’t press any keys or numbers when prompted- even if it’s to take your name off their list.

Write down suspicious numbers and report them.

If someone calls asking for your banking information or Social Security, Medicare or health plan numbers, hang up and report it to the Federal Trade Commission at 1-888-382-1222.

Tips for Fighting Fraud

Never give out your Social Security, Medicare, health plan numbers or banking information to someone that you don’t know

Carefully review your plan statement to make sure that all of the information is correct.

Know that free services don’t require you to give your plan or Medicare number to anyone.

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Online Pharmacy Fraud

Some online pharmacies aren’t safe or legal. They might send you medication that is tampered with, expired or fake. They might use your personal information to steal your identity.

Here’s how you can protect yourself from online pharmacy fraud:

Only order from online pharmacies in your health plan’s pharmacy network.

Don’t click on links in emails or pop-up advertisements on the internet.

Don’t order from pharmacies outside the United States

Report pharmacies that offer prescription drugs without a prescription or won’t accept your prescription insurance card as a form of payment.

If the deal is “too good to be true,” it probably is.

If you’re affected by online pharmacy fraud, call the BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Fraud/Compliance hotline at 1-888-343-4221.

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