Why BlueElite?

Here are a few reasons you should choose one of our BlueElite Medicare Supplement plans. Our Medicare Supplement Plans:

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Don't have networks.

You've got the freedom to choose the doctors and hospitals you want — both in your town and across the country.

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Have a predictable premium.

Paying your set premium means you're covered — no matter what happens. We have options with no deductibles, copays or coinsurance.

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Come with extras.

Our plans include a free fitness membership and 24/7 Nurseline.

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Marion — Memphis, TN

BlueCross member for more than 13 years

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With BlueCross' Medicare Supplement plans, I get comprehensive coverage with no hassles.

Marion — Memphis, TN

BlueCross member for more than 13 years

What You Need To Know About Medicare Supplement Plans

We've put together some common questions and answers about these plans for you.

How is a Medicare Supplement different from Original Medicare?

Original Medicare (Parts A & B) is hospital and medical insurance you get through the government. Medicare Supplement plans work with Original Medicare to give you more benefits.

How can I find out if my doctor is in my network?

If you choose a Medicare Supplement plan, you don't have to worry about networks. They're accepted by any doctor who takes Original Medicare — in your neighborhood and nationwide.

Is there a hospital in my network near me?

Yes. You can go to any hospital that accepts Original Medicare. That means you're covered if you need quick, close care at home or on the road.

Does a Medicare Supplement plan come with extra benefits?

All our Medicare Supplement plans include a free fitness membership. You also have access to a nurse 24/7 through our Nurseline.

Does a Medicare Supplement plan cover my prescriptions, dental, hearing or vision?

These plans don’t typically cover any of these benefits, but you can buy plans for each of them separately.

How much do I have to pay for my care with a Medicare Supplement plan?

It depends on the type of plan you choose. Some of our Medicare Supplement plans don't have deductibles — or copays. Others do.

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Need more information about your options? We can help.

Depending on what you want from your coverage, a Medicare Supplement plan might not be your best option. Download our free Medicare 101 guide, and you can learn more about other types of plans.